Magic Gardens

Travel to the enchanting gardens and reveal the mysteries in the puzzle game Magic Gardens! Are you fond of puzzles? If you like solving various puzzles – the game Magic Gardens is the best choice. Here you will visit the wonderful magical world in 4 seasons, you appear in the gardens in spring when the nature starts awakening from a long exhausting winter. Once there lived a sorcerer in the Kingdom of Seasons but people didn’t like him – they thought that he wanted to drive them out of the kingdom by inflicting various floods and earthquakes.

Enjoy the pack of games where everybody can find a puzzle to their taste! In some of them you are to look at the pictures and try to find an item looking only on its shape – sometimes it’s really undertaking! Be attentive to find the item because there is a great mess on the pictures to make the puzzle more difficult. But if you are stuck – you can always use helpful hints.
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W Salomons, 14.08.2016, 11:20
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